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Cleopatra's Bling Podcast

Jan 20, 2021

Julia Stone is a singer, and multi-instrumentalist whose breakout album Down the Way had audiences falling in love with the collection of poetic, emotive songs she penned with her brother, Angus. Her new solo album Sixty Summers is due to be released in January 2021, and the music video for her current single "Dance" makes us want to boogie along with its stars Susan Sarandon and Danny Glover.

In Part 1 of this intimate interview, Olivia Cummings, founder of jewellery brand Cleopatra's Bling, bonded with Julia over the strength and artistic healing that comes out of heartbreak, a love of collecting and fashion, and the need to make hard choices to find real gold.

Cleopatra's Bling Podcast was produced by Liam Gough. Original music by Cameron Alva.