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Cleopatra's Bling Podcast

Jun 15, 2021

Kalifa Doucet of The Earth Doula is a birth and postpartum Doula who focuses "on the spiritual connection to mother and baby", working to facilitate the kind of experiences that pregnant people would like to have during birth and its aftermath. Originally based in New York, Kalifa now works with families in Melbourne, providing not only birth and postpartum care and advice, but also delivering nutritious vegan meals, lactation cookies and tea, and soothing and empowering massages. Her clients describe her as a "trusted best friend" and a "radiant sun, full of joy and peace".

Olivia and Kalifa met on Olivia's birthday earlier this year, in the midst of a chilly Melbourne day, to discuss all things birth and pregnancy over coffee.

Cleopatra's Bling Podcast was produced by Liam Gough. Original music by Cameron Alva. You can discover Cleopatra's Bling designs, here.