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Cleopatra's Bling Podcast

Mar 9, 2022

Permaculture is the development of agricultural systems that are sustainable and self-sufficient.

Anna, more widely known as "The Urban Nanna", is a former primary school teacher with a horticultural background. Nowadays, rather than a stuffy building, the great outdoors is her classroom. Anna teaches traditional ways of crafting, preserving, and cooking, all the while living in the precarious rental market of suburban Australia.

Olivia spoke with Anna at her wifi-less home, to discuss how foraging goes far beyond food, and the reviving of cultural traditions involving connection to Country and community. Listening to this episode will make you see the urban world around you in a completely new way, from using roses for flavour, to hawthorn for lowering blood pressure, wild violet and cherry blossom for infused sugars, and pine mushrooms for pizzas, stocks, and risottos.